To understand the importance of the integrity of your natural hair and in the investment of your Luxury Virgin Hair Extensions, you must first understand the molecular structure of hair.

What is the cuticle?
In Reference to Hair, Cuticles are the outer most part of the hair shaft. They are strong and transparent cells that overlap each other up to 12 layers deep. These tiny microscopic structures protect the hair and its inner cell structures from damage. The cuticle is responsible for much of the mechanical strength of the hair fiber. A healthy cuticle is more than just a protective layer, as the cuticle also represents the structure that controls the water content of the fiber. Much of the shine that makes healthy hair so attractive is due to the cuticle. With these intact, you can treat the hair like it’s your very own. It can be dyed and chemically processed. We suggest having your hair Professionally serviced to protect your investment.
What are Virgin Hair Extension?
Virgin human hair is a phrase used to describe a set of hair that has not been chemically altered in any way. This includes dyes, perms, bleaching, and other popular processes. Because virgin human hair is void of these processes, the cuticles are intact. This translates to smooth, tangle free hair. However, this also means that more work is required to maintain the look and feel of the hair. Additionally, the color that appears in the hair extensions is natural, which is why you see only this color available when virgin hair extensions are offered. Natural Hair color can range in depth of darkness.

Remy Hair Extensions?
Remy hair differs from Virgin hair mainly in that it has been CHEMICALLY processed for color or texture, but the cuticle remains intact. This provides a smooth texture and allows the hair to last longer and style more naturally than Non-Remy.

Non-Remy Hair Extensions ?
Most, if not all, human hair sold through beauty supply stores is non-cuticle hair; meaning the hair is not Remy hair. A lot of hair brands found in beauty supply stores are claiming to be Remy hair, but this is usually not true. The cuticle has been stripped with an acid bath treatment in order to produce a particular color or texture in the hair. sometimes even mixed with animal hair, synthetic fibers or fabric. Often, this hair is coated in several layers of silicone during Manufacturing. This solution gives the hair a great appearance and even easy maintenance at first. However, washing the hair several times will eventually remove the silicone coating and expose the hair. Dying or adding heat will also expose the hair, users suffer from extensive matting, tangles and shedding and the hair is not reusable.

How much hair will I need to create an entire style?
This answer will vary based on your individual preferences. Most people will be able to use 2 bundles as long as you don’t pass the 16 & 18″ combination. If you like your hair very full, or longer than 18″, you will want at least 3 bundles. 4 bundles or more will be a very, very, full style.

How long will the hair last?
The hair will last up to a year but can last much longer with proper treatment and care. Constant heat styling, coloring, and improper care will significantly shorten the life span of the hair.

Can I dye and/or bleach my virgin hair?

Virgin hair can be dyed and/or bleached, however you still must be careful as you would with your real hair. Extra care will be needed because the hair is not attached to the scalp and does not retain its own moisture. You must be mindful to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. Also, when you dye and/or bleach your virgin hair the hair is no longer virgin (it will then be chemically processed). We recommend that you have your Princess Hair professionally dyed and/or bleached.

Can I straighten my Curly or Wavy hair?

The answer is YES you can. Some of the deep curly or wavy patterns may be challenging to straighten because the curl pattern is so deep and it will take a long time. It is very important that you use a quality heat protectant on your hair. Your hair is 100% pure human hair so it can become heat damaged just as your own hair would. Also, with curly/wavy hair you risk the chance

How is the length of the hair measured?

Straight hair is measured in its natural state, but our wavy and curly hair is measured when stretched out. When ordering wavy hair, you may consider ordering 2 inches longer to accommodate your length. When ordering curly hair, you may consider ordering 4-6 inches longer to accommodate your desired length.
What is “Co-Washing”?
A co-wash is when you wash your hair only using conditioner. The conditioner is used in this wash to provide your hair with moisture and shine, and help hydrate the hair. Most people will say the conditioner is the most important part of the washing process.

How often should I have my Installation maintenance ?
You should have professional maintenance every 2 to 3 weeks.

At Home Care
Extensions Should Be Shampooed With Sulfate Free Shampoo followed by conditioner
Natural Hair Must be Air dried Fully. Hooded dryer is recommended .
Detangle Extensions from ends to roots.
Ask Professional for top rated Salon styling Products and tips.